What the Water Gave Me
An illustration of the main character of Canon, Alex, as a mock poster image.
Under the Willow Tree
"Her eyes were glossed over like the moon's reflection at the water's edge."
A digital painting exercise at creating art for a department-wide trading card game.
Ciel, Issue 02
Pages from the second issue of Ciel, a sci-fi comic based around the themes of death and rebirth.
Eos: Sam
In the aftermath of a divorce and swamped with debt, Sam, a young gay man, enlists in an intergalactic peace corps program in order to get his life back on track. Pages are being updated weekly.
Eos Concepts
Concept illustrations meant to explore character design and world building with a shared project between friends.
Ciel Concept Illustrations
Concept illustrations for Ciel, a personal project. These illustrations are meant to help explore the style and design of the world in the comic.
Canon: Bourbon Barrel Murders
After a series of bodies are found in bourbon barrels in The Pit's refugee district taverns, Alexander Reid, his brother Grant Reid, and their mentor, Sofia Falk, work to solve the murders before they can spark a revolution in the city.
Jon's Seance
When a widow begs Jon to help her contact her deceased husband, he calls together the household for a seance where things quickly devolve into madness.
Canon, Prequel
Prequel comic pages for a personal project and pitch, Canon.
The Pit
Inked concept work for my comic-in-the-works, Canon.
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